Saturday, January 5, 2013

Featured Items: 1920s Lingerie Models Reclining

Our current featured items are four lingerie models from the 1920s, reclining leisurely on the furniture.

This cute model has a sweet smile for the camera as she reclines on a fun backless couch. The classic flapper pillow leaning against the couch near the model's head is a wonderful touch.

Risque PC Paris Lingerie Model with Flapper Pillow and Pointy Shoes
The casual pose as the models leans against a coffee table near an arrangement of flowers, with a single flower dangling from her hand, helps to make this card something special.

French Risque Leo 50, 1910s/20s Lingerie Card
This young lady doesn't really look like she's posing. No, we think she was taking a break and reading a magazine when the photographer called her name and took the shot.

Very Cute Risque French Lingerie Model PC Paris circa 1920
This is such a fun shot. The model's pose on the couch and her coquettish smile, with the pillows strewn everywhere, make it looks as  if she's simply alighted here for a moment before she'll be hopping back up to throw on her flapper dress and a beaded headdress, ready to head out for a night of frolicsome fun, dancing the Charleston.

Risque Rppc Extra Cute French Lingerie Model 1920s