Monday, September 3, 2012

Mlle Dargent at the Folies Bergere by Walery circa 1905

La Belle Époque means the Beautiful Era, and all of France was optimistic during this time of European peacefulness and prosperity. La Belle Époque began around 1890 and continued until 1914, ending with the start of World War I. During this time, Paris was at the heart of a number of artistic endeavors, known to all of Europe as a place where music and theater flourished.

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE  Mlle. Dargent of the Folies Bergère, photograph by Walery, circa 1905
In this lovely 100 plus year old card, is Mlle. Dargent of the Folies Bergère. The photograph was taken by the famous art photographer, M. Walery of Paris, and has been beautifully hand-tinted, possibly to match the original colors of Mlle. Dargent's dress.