Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Gypsy Dance. Genevieve Page Autographed RPPC, circa 1920s by redpoulaine
24.00 USD
From Pre-Raphaelite imagery in the mid 1800s, to Boho-chic through its various iterations into this present day, the "Gypsy" look will, perhaps, always be with us! But beyond the look, Romani music and dance is a vital and emotional performance genre that also continues to maintain its popularity.

Here we have an exquisite RPPC portrait of Genevieve Page in Gypsy garb, with a brief dedication on the reverse side. Apparently she went by "Gene," probably like the French "Jeanne" with the G pronounced in that soft J sound we use so rarely in English.
Image taken at the Bras studio in Montpellier. Wonderful detail. Hand-painted tambourine :)

To hear some beautiful Romani music, and see some great dancing, follow the link to the Youtube clip below, from the 1997 film Gadjo Dilo (Crazy Outsider). So charming :) This is one of our absolutely favoritest movies! The awesome Adrian Simionescu is the vocalist, and the dancer, actress Rona Hartner is, of course, wonderful as always.

Please examine our high res scans for detail.

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