Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Arlette Dorgère in Maenad Attire, Theatre Variete, circa 1900

Gorgeous image of beautiful French stage performer Arlette Dorgère. So beautiful! This one will find its way into our Marvelous Maenad section, of course :)

19.00 USD, by redpoulaine via Etsy

Mlle. Dorgère was a favorite on the Parisian music hall scene, spending most of her time in Paris, while occasionally resting up at her chateau in the country. We include an image, ***not for sale***, of the Chateau Dorgère (as it was called for a time), otherwise known as Chateau Vigneux, on the river Seine, to offer an idea of the kind of wealth accumulated and enjoyed by these well known Belle Epoque performers. Famed poster artist Jules Cherét captured Mlle. Dorgère's image on a poster for the Scala Theater in 1904 an image of that poster, also ***not for sale***, is published in this listing.

Mlle. Dorgère did not perform only in France, but traveled extensively, performing in locations as far afield as Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. According to one source, she moved to Morocco in 1929, where she quietly settled into retirement from the hustle and bustle of theater life. This information was found in a very interesting blog entry (address below), whose focus seemed to be primarily on historic buildings.