Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tinklefoot Prunebottom Collects Titania's Tribute, Oranotype Posted 1906

Tending a garden in Faerie's borderlands has its benefits, to be sure. Provided you tie a few tiny silver bells in your raspberry canes, and put out a saucer of sweet milk every now and then, the fair folk will intervene with the rabbits and moles on your behalf, and see to it that the fruits of your labors are undisturbed by common meadow creatures. Furthermore, on that patch of ground, the growing season will last a little longer, and the Spring thaw come a little sooner.

18.00 USD, by redpoulaine via Etsy

And while you are yet a child, or for as long as you retain the heart of a child, the difference between fireflies and woodland sprites, as they dance and play among the iris and the bluebells, may easily be discerned by you. Even in Winter, rings of wild mushrooms will often appear. They will be tasty and plentiful, and you may fill a small basket whenever you like, without fear of incurring displeasure.

However, at the ripening of the ninth moon, when the queen sends forth her agents to exact a tribute in the form of whatever tasty provender she may desire, whether it be little, or all, you must be willing. And should you happen to meet her collectors while they are about their errands, you may smile and bow, and if your manners be elegant, they may leave a pearl in place of some parsley, or a golden ring where once grew a pleasant patch of sweet onion. Take care that you do not let even a shadow of fear or resentment show in your expression, and by no means forget yourself to the extent that you make the sign of the new god, or utter his name, for should you be so careless, know that the woods will reclaim that garden plot within a fortnight, and that you will never again find welcome there.

As to this particular fairy's surname, the Queen chose it, not us, and if it points to an embarrassing family trait, we've seen no evidence of it, and if we did, we would be certain not to notice.

Now you tell one :)