Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prince Fancypants Searches for Cinderella, circa 1905

It is remarkable just how few people today are aware of the actual facts behind the story known as Cinderella. Yes, the real Cinderella did live in a rambling old house with a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. And yes, she did have a fairy godmother who helped her gain entrance to the royal ball. But once there, what she and the prince actually got up to makes for a much more interesting tale.

Prince Fancypants Searches for Cinderella, circa 1905
18.00 USD, by redpoulaine via Etsy

And it wasn't so much the glass slipper, or even the calling card she left behind her, that prompted our prince to search hither, thither and yon, as that Cinderella, the vixen, made off with his best pair of trousers! Yes, Cinderella was much put upon, it is true, but she was also quite the prankster.

Still, you will be happy to know that in the true story, things worked out in much the same way as they did in the tamer version. The cruel stepmother and stepsisters did suffer for their behavior in a very satisfying way, and Mr. and Mrs. Charming did live happily ever after...that is as long as his royal highness kept in mind, just who it was that actually wore the pants in that family.

Now you tell one :)

Okay, but really, we are guessing this is an image from a Gypsy Clairvoyant act of the sort where he would stand up on the stage, and answer audience questions about the dear departed, lost jewelry, etc., evading, as best he could, those questions pertaining to his beautifully embroidered underwear :)

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