Friday, June 21, 2013

Italian Silent Film Diva, Pina Menichelli, in Velvet Jumpsuit

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE Italian Silent Film Diva, Pina Menichelli, in Velvet Jumpsuit

Reverse of postcard

One of the most beautifully expressive faces of the Italian cinema, Pina Menichelli, radiates dramatic presence even in this casual attire. We are particularly fond of one series of images (of which this is one), which used what appears, at first, to be a very casual crosshatching design as a frame, but the sweep of these markings, up and out from the center, creates an instantaneous feeling of depth, and also draws us into the center, where Signorina Menichelli, in highly contrasting dark and light tones, becomes our only focus with no exterior distraction (our eyes having dismissed the crosshatching). 

Do we over-think this stuff? Probably :) But we really do find the artistic construction of these simple portraits exciting and moving. In short, we love what these photographers, working with these amazing models, were able to achieve!

We also love being able to show you cards in this almost pristine condition, as if you had just stepped off a train in Milan, in 1921, and while waiting for your aunt, who was to meet you at the station but is late in arriving, you stop at a kiosk which sells newspapers, magazines and postcards. This particular image catches your eye, because only last month you so enjoyed Pina in one of her films, wearing this oh-so-modern outfit. As you remember sitting in the dark cinema with your sweetheart, the sights and sounds of the busy railway station disappear...

Now, for a real treat, follow the link below to this YouTube video, so that you can better remember that wonderful experience! We recommend a bowl of fresh popcorn and a SanPellegrino Limonata sweetened with two tablespoons of sugar. Ah, Perfetto!


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