Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Early Steampunk Inspirations

While Steampunk's connections to the Victorian era are well-documented, we contend that the estheatic that developed as a result of the introduction of an increasing number of new technologies continued into the early part of the twentieth century, as can be seen in these wonderful, evocative cards from that era. We love the mix of cultures, too, which allowed for such pictures at that below, in which the men wear such different hats: newsboy, beret, turban, and our top hat wearer has even got a monocle! Clearly, this was:

The First Steampunk Convention!

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE The First Steampunk Convention 1920s RPPC
We jest... these guys are just revelers, dressing up, drinking beer, and having a good time. Fun old RPPC from the 1920s, unless...they actually travel through time and space in a TARDIS-like vehicle, and someone managed to get a photo of them before they whisked off to ancient Rome, or maybe Tralfamagar, or, well, really...that could be what's going on here! We just deal in old postcards, and photographs, and only occasionally time travel... such as can be seen in:

Three Brothers in a Time Machine

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE Three Brothers in a Time Machine
Okay, so it's not a time machine, but our cards, in their own peculiar way, might as well be time machines. They certainly have a way of taking one back to magical places and times. Great "Steampunk" atmosphere.